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  • The Classic Hardcover Notebook you know in 14 fresh and vivid colors, taken to another level of quality, durable high-quality hardcover, with refined classic cover texture, perfect paper with all the features you’d expect

  • Our high-end luxury model. Do not use this notebook if you are not ready for the meeting because putting this one on the table will turn heads... that is in your direction! Soft cover as a real leather, refined luxurious look and appeal

  • We had a lot of challenges with this fellow. We wanted to achieve uniqueness and perfection and this is why it was in a prototype stage for a very long time. We finally got right it and we’ve decided to stick with the name!

  • For the smiths with words who always need their tools fast at hand. With a pen on the loop you’ll need about 4-5 seconds to start writing and get those thoughts out of your head fast. The rivet integrated pen loop will keep your pen safe and secure, will not loosen or fall off

  • A cover finished with matching color handmade thread, giving the notebook a unique personal look and feel. Two color matching thick elastic enhances the appeal. Matching two color pen loop just tops everything off! One of the best and most versatile notebooks we have to offer

  • One of the world's most unique notebook covers, a special Oak Wine Cork texture hardcover with smooth to the touch feel. Comes in 5 colors, from natural cork wood and greywood to red and blue. A matching color elastic rounds up the look and experience

  • A truly unique look! With Gaya we pay homage to the mother Earth which gives us the paper. We are really obsessive about getting paper only from truly 100% responsible sources. Gaya features a thick but silky smooth elastic and a matching pen loop, with unique wood cover theme

  • Air

    Air is unlike anything you’ve seen so far. A truly unique, smooth and durable softcover with unique Name/Data page and Sheet ID pages colored as the cover. The writing on these pages with complementary-opposite color ink will produce an amazing writing!

  • We had to invent a new category for this one, because it really is a True Pocket unlike other A6 notebooks stated as “pocket”. You can virtually lose this one... inside your pocket!