About Us

My team and I are passionate enthusiasts and daily users of pretty much every type of fountain and ballpoint pens out there, new or vintage. This is why we’ve few years ago we’ve created www.myUberPens.com, which has now grown to a thriving vintage pen marketplace.

Back in 2014 in Austin, Texas, while taking handwritten notes on daily basis, to my surprise, I had a hard time finding the right notebook with the right type of paper. A notebook which could work with our fountain pens as well as everyday ballpoint pens and pencils. I tried everything, from the top selling, top of the line brands, to even some great startup notebooks companies. But nothing really worked for me the way I wanted, nothing felt just right.

This is when and where I came to the idea to start manufacturing our own notebooks which can be used with most types of fountain pens, ballpoints and pencils of any kind, be well constructed and well designed. How hard could it be, it’s just a paper, right? Well, it turned out to be much harder than I could have ever imagined!

I collected our initial designs and technical specs and I went to the world’s paper capital continent, Europe. I visited number factories. Not surprisingly, not many factories could fulfill the demands we had. Finally I found a State of the Art, ultra modern factory in Serbia Europe, which could meet and even exceed all of our demands on specs and design. As soon as our work started UberWorks Notebooks became to take shape. Our teams merged and UberWorks notebooks are really a result of the fusion of both of our teams, a synergy rather, of our team and factory team. We work and create as one! It took us over 2 years of painstaking research, design, testing, manufacturing fine-tuning, but we’ve finally got it the way we wanted.

Our notebooks are made with Italian, German, Dutch and other highest quality paper and cover materials, basically some of the best European materials for manufacturing notebooks, made with the latest German technology and machines, assembled, finished, inspected and packed by hand. All of this is done on a new shiny factory floor under controlled humidity and temperature, just the right conditions for working with paper.

Our product have our hearts and souls in them. They are really all about you, people who write or draw and enjoy that old school pen and paper process. Our mission is to constantly innovate and ultimately to create the perfect notebook, one which will exceed the demands of the most passionate pen and paper users. We believe we are on the right path, but we cannot do it without you. We need your feedback, your suggestions, your wishes and anything else you want to share with us. Let us know and we’ll follow up on every comment we’ll get. We read them all, and not only once! We discuss in length each comment and feedback we receive from you!

I wish you a very happy, endlessly creative and fulfilling work!



Dragan Chichikj,
co-founder & CEO
UberWorks LLC


Thank you


Dragan Chichikj